Josie Ho assures husband Conroy Chan is recovering

19 Aug - After much speculation about her husband Conroy Chan's well-being, actress Josie Ho recently assured that he is now doing well following his hospitalisation.

As reported on HK01, the actress recently posted her statement on Instagram regarding the actor-musician, saying only that Conroy was hospitalised due to some stomach problem.

"His condition has improved and is now at the recuperating stage. I would like to thank the medical staff for their care. Thank you all for your concern. We hope that you will give space for Conroy to recover his health," she said.

Back in 2011, Conroy revealed that he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and decided to quit drinking to improve his condition. Back in June this year, the actor was photographed looking thinner than usual, and had to walk using crutches.

He was later reported to have been warded, as friends including Eason Chan and wife Hilary, as well as William So, have been seen visiting him at the hospital. However, none of them agreed to explain Conroy's condition to the media.

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