Johnny Ngan passed away at 75

27 May – Veteran actor Johnny Ngan has recently passed away.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the TVB actor, known for classics such as "Hong Kong 81" and "A Kindred Spirit", was revealed to have breathed his last in hospital on the night of 25 May.

Confirming the news, Hong Kong actor English Tang said that Johnny had been frequenting the doctors prior to his passing due to his heart and respiratory issues.

It is noted that Johnny had been battling squamous cell carcinoma, and was supported by wife Fok Kit Ching throughout his illness.

Asked how Fok is, English said, "I have told her that she can ask for help if she needs any. Although his wife is mentally prepared, she still needs time to calm down."

Joining showbiz in 1968, Johnny switched to TVB from Rediffusion TV in the early 1980s, and became famous for his performance in "Hong Kong 81". He left TVB in 2008 following the expiration of his contract.

He was 75.

Johnny (right) in 'Hong Kong 81'
Johnny (right) in 'Hong Kong 81'

(Photo Source: TVBS, Bastille Post HK)