Will Joey Yung release new single with Seungri?

15 Mar – With K-pop star Seungri announcing his retirement from showbiz following his recent scandal, fans are interested to know the fate of Joey Yung's upcoming single with the said singer, Mingpao reported.

Back in February, the Hong Kong pop diva revealed that she had just recorded a song with the BIG BANG member, a fun number titled "Pretty Crazy".

Joey revealed that her collaboration with Seungri would be the highlight of her 20th anniversary in music, and would be the theme song of her upcoming concert.

Now with Seungri leaving the industry in a haste, speculations arise as to what would happen to the song, which may also be Seungri's final recording before his departure.

Seungri made international headlines recently after he was booked on charges of supplying prostitutes and linked to chatrooms providing hidden-camera footage of participants having sex with unexpecting women. He has denied all allegations.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)