Joem Bascon admits relationship with Crisha Uy is still rocky

Heidi Hsia

4 Dec – Despite previously expressing plans to marry girlfriend, vlogger Crisha Uy, actor Joem Bascon recently admitted that their relationship is still currently on the rockier side.

As reported on Push, the actor, who spoke to the media about the issue recently, dismissed the idea of a third party involvement, stating that they were just having a hard time.

"Of course we have our own personal lives, and our own personal space where things happen, and I guess we were just having a hard time. I don't know whether everything will be fixed. We just went through it and didn't know how to fix it," he said.

However, Bascon stated that he is still relieved to have his family and friends as his source of strength.

"I'm just here because people are telling me to be okay," he added.

Back in November, Bascon admitted that there is a major problem between him and Uy that he didn't know how to fix.

"It's more because of a complicated situation. Time was never a problem. I would always take her out when I don't have work. We also went out of town a lot. We enjoyed doing things together, explored places together," he said.

(Photo Source: Joem Bascon Instagram)