Joe Tay slams TVB's rumoured new clause

8 Jul – Former TVB actor Joe Tay is calling the move to add a new clause to the company's management contract "an unprecedented terror".

As reported on Epoch Times, sources earlier alleged that TVB could be adding a new clause to ensure good behaviour among its actors - that is by putting all financial responsibilities on the actors themselves if they were caught involved in a scandal or illegal activities - which many speculated to include supporting the Hong Kong independence movement.

This, they said, is to protect the company's rights due to the fact that they are collaborating with more and more mainland platforms, in addition to the implementation of the new Hong Kong National Security Act.

When asked to comment on the rumoured new clause, Joe stated that it was ridiculous.

"Are the news anchors signing contracts with this new clause as well? If so, TVB's news coverage will be more biased in the future," he added.

Joe believes that the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild should reach out to TVB and to discuss about the problems in the relevant provisions.

"TVB is a regulated institution. If its artistes cannot express freely, I think the company is violating the broadcasting regulations," he added.

(Photo Source: Epoch Times)