Jia Nailiang responds to wife's alleged infidelity

12 Jan – Chinese actor Jia Nailiang has finally released his statement regarding rumours of wife Li Xiaolu's affair with rapper PG One, where he expressed hope that people will give them some space to deal with it.

As reported on ET Today, the "Destined to Love You" star wrote on Weibo that the rumours of his actress wife's extra-marital affairs had been very uncomfortable to him that it almost affected his ability to work and function as a normal person.

Jia said that aside from him being labelled a cuckold and his wife of five years a bad mother, the rumour has also affected their daughter and both sides of the family.

"They're afraid to leave the house and have fallen ill because of it. My daughter is sick with fever, and she told me how much she missed me through our video chat. Do you know how I felt? My heart was bleeding with emotions," wrote the actor.

Although Jia said nothing about his wife's infidelity, he apologised to Li for not doing well enough as a husband.

"I wanted to do my best to give the world's best to you, but even after using all I have, I was unable to balance my family and work," he added.

Finally, he made a plea to the public to give them some space to resolve the matter and to stop hurting the family.

Rumours of Li extra-marital affair sparked recently, when the paparazzi snapped several photos of her spending the night at PG One's home.

(Photo Source: ET Today)