Jessica Hsuan has no issue starring in more TVB dramas

11 Jan – Jessica Hsuan has no qualms starring in another TVB drama again this year if there is a chance to do so.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress, who starred in two TVB dramas "My Unfair Lady" and "Line Walker: The Prelude" last year, shared that she would be happy to collaborate with TVB again provided that the project is worth her time.

"So far, there is one project, because I do value quality over quantity. Aside from the character and the production team, I think it's important to have a great cast. It won't be easy if you don't have chemistry," she said.

Jessica also stated that there is a chance she will return for "Line Walker 3" if the project gets the green light.

"It would depend on the cast. Last time I did it because I want to work with Moses Chan. I would love to work with Julian Cheung and Louis Koo, but I don't think Louis would care about me," she said, lightheartedly.

(Photo Source: Takungpao)