Jessica Hsuan on Louis Koo: Let fans have their fantasy

Heidi Hsia
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23 Feb – Jessica Hsuan recently admitted that she is not at all concerned over fans "shipping" her with fellow actor Louis Koo despite the fact that the two of them are not in a relationship.

In an interview with Mingpao, the actress, whose romance rumours with Louis sparked after she was reunited with her "A Step into The Past" co-star in several film projects for the past couple of years, revealed that the romance between them was nothing more than fans' fantasy.

"In fact, I don't need to talk about it. Fans have been talking about it for many years. I understand them. When I was growing up, I also hoped that Carol Cheng and Chow Yun Fat will be together because when you turn on the TV, they're there being a couple," she said.

Jessica and Louis have been friends for over 25 years
Jessica and Louis have been friends for over 25 years

Jessica stated that she will not let herself be uncomfortable with it, adding that she will let the fans fantasise about it if that makes them happy.

As for her own love life, the actress said that she didn't think that dating is a necessary thing.

"I'm very casual. If there's someone suitable, then I will date him. But it's also okay if there is none," she added.

She then revealed that her former Italian boyfriend Fran was not the last relationship she had, and that she had been in a stable relationship for quite a while - though it was kept on the hush hush.

"I promised the other party that I would not say anything when we broke up, so I don't remember anymore," she said with a laugh.

Jessica is 50 years old and is gorgeous
Jessica is 50 years old and is gorgeous

(Photo Source: Jessica Hsuan Instagram, Louis Koo Instagram)