Jessica Hsuan is confirmed to replace Maggie Cheung

14 Jun - Following previous rumour, it was confirmed that Jessica Hsuan has been cast to replace Maggie Cheung Ho Yee in the upcoming TVB drama, "The Queen of Castle" (previously reported with the title "Behind the Tower").

Jessica recently made her first appearance in public at the press conference of the said drama, which was held in Foshan on 12 June, alongside other co-stars including Ruco Chan, Kenneth Ma, Jinny Ng, Moon Lau and others.

Speaking to the media about Maggie's departure, producer Chung Shu Kai stated that the reason why the actress was unable to proceed with the project was due to conflicting schedules.

"Since the script was slow in coming out, the entire production was postponed from the original date, which was supposed to be at the end of April. The European location was also moved from early August to mid-September, so Maggie could not make time for that," he said.

It is noted that the drama has been dubbed the medical version of "The Queen of News", the latter which is the hit 2023 series starring Charmaine Sheh.

The drama is dubbed 'the medical version of The Queen of News'
The drama is dubbed 'the medical version of The Queen of News'

(Photo Source: Jessica Hsuan IG, On CC)