Jerry Yan and Lin Chi-ling are back together?

13 Nov – Although both Lin Chi-ling and Jerry Yan had neither confirmed nor denied rumours that they are getting back together, it was reported that the former couple was recently seen together in Malaysia.

As reported on Epoch Times, on 10 November, several Malaysian netizens revealed that they have seen Jerry arriving in Kuala Lumpur on his own, and heading towards a hotel where his aforementioned former girlfriend was staying on a business trip.

Later that evening, both stars were spotted showing up at the hotel again, where Jerry was seen retrieving his luggage and getting into the elevator, while Lin waited a while before getting into another elevator.

On 12 November, Lin and Jerry were again seen together at what looked like a hotel gym.

The couple, who dated for several years, broke up back in 2006. Since then, rumours of reconciliation have been reported time and time again, although both stars denied it.

Earlier this year, both stars expressed their interest in getting back together in separate interview, although denied that they have indeed reconciled.

(Photo Source: Epoch Times)