Jerry Yan denies forced out of new Zanilia Zhao drama

14 Jun - Jerry Yan has denied rumours that he has been removed from an upcoming drama project with Zanilia Zhao.

As reported on Sina, tabloids recently reported that the "Meteor Garden" star was originally scheduled to star in an upcoming drama, "Our Glamorous Times", with Zanilia portraying his love interest.

However, the producers were allegedly forced to replace him with a different actor, after fans of the 29-year-old actress criticised the choice - saying that Jerry is unfit to star alongside her due to his lack of acting skill and dated style.

However, Jerry had since denied the rumours, with his manager saying that he was never offered a role in the upcoming drama.

"Jerry will be busy with several other projects in the coming months, so even if he was offered a role in the drama, he wouldn't have been able to accept it due to his packed schedule," said the rep.

The actor also responded online, saying, "Please use this energy to spread kindness. Thank you for your concern."

(Photo Source: Jerry Yan Weibo)