Jelly Lin Yun denies involvement in "Ashes of Love 2"

12 Mar – Chinese actress Jelly Lin Yun has recently denied rumours that she will be starring in the sequel of the hit 2018 fantasy romance, "Ashes of Love".

As reported on ET Today, rumours of "The Mermaid" star's involvement in the second season sparked a few months ago, when netizens began discussing about the project and mentioned her as one of their dream castings.

On 10 March, Lin's studio took to Weibo to deny the rumours by reposting a message about Lin's participation, writing, "Ashes of Love 2? There hasn't been any contact."

However, it added that Lin has instead confirmed her participation in several other projects, including the second season of the reality show, "My Little One" and the television series, "The Snail and the Oriole Birds".

The original series, which premiered on Jiangsu TV in August 2018, stars Yang Zi as a sprite who doesn't understand the meaning of love due to a magical pill given to her at birth.