Japan's popular relaxing bear Rilakkuma to get Netflix anime series

Rilakkuma the relaxing bear (C) リラックマ Rilakkuma SAN-X Facebook
Rilakkuma the relaxing bear (C) リラックマ Rilakkuma SAN-X Facebook

If your spirit animal is a bear that just wants to do nothing but you’re having a hard time imagining it, you’re in luck.

Popular Japanese character Rilakkuma, which is essentially a bear that does nothing but lazes around, will be getting its first stop-motion anime series on Netflix in 2018.

The first set of Rilakkuma goods were released in 2003, and became a hit among adult women.

The adorable relaxing bear was also used in many companies’ campaigns, and has grown into a character well-loved by both Japan and international fans.

The Rilakkuma anime comes in celebration of the lazy bear’s 15th anniversary, as a tribute to fans everywhere.

The anime will be produced by Dwarf Studio, which owns a world-class stop motion technology.

Dwarf is known for bringing to life mascots like like broadcasting organisation NHK’s “Domo-kun” and France’s long-running film in over 900 theatres, “Komaneko -The Curious Cat-”.

NHK’s Domo-kun in a stop motion clip by Dwarf

With an estimated total of 13 episodes, Rilakkuma’s first stop-motion anime series will be available on Netflix in 190 countries.

More information on the airing schedule will be released once the details have been finalised.

We’re not saying the universe might implode if people start lazing around and binge-watching a bear relaxing and doing nothing, but we’re guessing productivity levels might take a bit of a hit.

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