Pen Pineapple Apple Pen creator Piko-Taro enters the world of anime

(Photo: Piko-Taro Instagram page)

Following his worldwide breakthrough song Pen Pineapple Apple Pen (PPAP), Japanese sensation Piko-Taro is moving on to conquer the anime world.

With himself as the theme, Piko-Taro will be voice acting all the characters in TV anime “Piko-Taro’s Lullaby Luullaby”.

Scheduled to broadcast this summer, “Piko-Taro’s Lullaby Luullaby” is produced by the man himself, who also handles the planning, the drafting and the music.

Inspired by an illustration by Takashi Taniguchi, creator of unique works like Dappys and Mr Ando of the Woods, Piko-Taro improvised within a mere three minutes and created “Piko-Taro’s Lullaby Luullaby” in the style of a fairy tale.

Dappys – also known as shedding of skin – is about becoming someone or something different when facing a difficult situation like not mixing well with your peers and working overtime.

Mr Ando of the Woods is well, about Mr Ando, who is a penguin… or not.

From the style of those two shorts, we can only guess that “Piko-Taro’s Lullaby Luullaby” will be an unusual anime that is ironically entertaining yet makes us facepalm (in a good way, of course).

Piko-Taro commented that he wanted to create an anime version of his Piko-Taro persona and that this has been on his mind since he started producing.

“But normal anime won’t be Piko Taro-like,” he added.

As a result of those thoughts, we have now, coming to us very soon, “Piko Taro’s Lullaby Luullaby”.

How peculiar and viral this will be is unknown for now. But we’re certainly hoping it does not end up like his “I Like Orange Juice!” video…

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