Japanese YouTuber cooks edible miniature foods using miniature cooking equipment

Tiny edible dishes featured in the YouTube channel, Yuka's Tiny Kitchen.
Tiny edible dishes featured in the YouTube channel, Yuka's Tiny Kitchen.

Sure, we have heard of food miniatures made of clay. We even have local Singaporean Jocelyn Teo who made it big with her Aiclay. Our very own Flora Yeo from Yahoo TV’s Go With The Flo is also into clay food miniatures with her punny shop name Clayvage. But, what about edible food miniatures?

No, it’s not made using a type of clay that you can eat, but miniature food made with actual ingredients! To top it off, in addition to choosing smaller or alternative ingredients, all of the cooking equipment like the utensils and stove that this Japanese YouTuber uses are fun-sized as well. Her YouTube channel Yuka’s Tiny Kitchen features all of her amazing tiny food and the cooking process, much like an actual cooking show, only mini-sized.

Making gyoza or pan-fried dumplings from scratch is difficult enough, from preparing the gyoza’s filling to carefully folding and wrapping them to frying them till the skin is golden brown. Despite this, Yuka was still able to cook gyoza with everything reduced in size! Our hands would have shaken so badly or we would have squashed the poor little gyoza if we were tasked with the wrapping.

We know the Japanese have a strange tradition of eating croquettes during typhoon season. But Yuka has taken it a step further to make her very own mini typhoon croquettes!

It is so cute to see the oil bubbling so much that you cannot even see the croquette when deep-frying.

While it seems like everything is going smoothly in her videos, Yuka reveals that making petite food is a challenging feat with her bloopers videos.

Having seen the mishaps that could happen with edible food miniatures, would you try making your own?