Japanese artist completed an incredibly detailed pencil-drawing after 280 hours

This drawing of a bolt and nut fully done in pencil looks so real, one would have thought it is a photograph. Few would imagine that pencil lead can give drawings such a metallic look, enhanced by the realistically-illustrated water droplets. But how exactly did Japanese artist Kohei Ohmori do it?

The artist has been in love with drawing since young. As he did not want to lose to his older brother when it comes to art, Ohmori has been working very hard. He felt that there was nothing else he could “give life to” except drawing, and has been polishing his skills for the past five years.

His work was so well done that even the model of the drawing used it as her icon.

Ohmori began with faithful drawings of images found on the Internet. Eventually, rather than a replication, he decided to draw original works. This led to the buying of a bolt and nut, arranging them for a photo and using it as a model.

He spent two to three hours a day, spread over a period of about five months with rest days in between, before finally completing the incredibly detailed work of art. What amazing concentration too, to sustain such a fine work!

Look at those details when zoomed in! Photo: Twitter/ kohei6620
Even the blurred area depicting a sense of depth was excellently reproduced. Photo: Twitter/ kohei6620

As Ohmori was working on the drawing, his sister had mentioned it on Twitter. Thus, even before the artwork was completed, it had received very encouraging responses, even being introduced on television.

Currently, Ohmori has received proposals to collaborate with various companies. He commented that he will strike a balance between the requests and the things he wants to draw, and will continue drawing at his own pace.

Perhaps in the near future, we will be able to see the actual artworks and revel in their awesomeness.

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