Jacqueline Wong will be removed from "Forensic Heroes IV"?

29 Apr – Rumours are rife that Jacqueline Wong may be removed from her new drama, "Forensic Heroes IV".

As reported on HK01, sources claimed that TVB is currently discussing the possibility of reshooting scenes that involved the actress, which means that co-star Raymond Wong - who has the most scenes with her character - will have to come and film his scenes all over again.

It is also reported that the actor is furious about the possibility of a reshoot as it would be wasting a lot of time and resources.

When asked about the rumours, producer Mui Siu Ching stated that the company has not confirmed any decision, though there is a possibility for the reshoot to happen.

Jacqueline made headlines last week for being involved in an affair with married singer Andy Hui. With the exception of an apology statement on social media, the actress has not been seen in public ever since.

(Photo Source: hk01)