J-rock singer Gackt has a house in Malaysia, says it was ‘love at first sight’

J-Rock Singer GACKT
J-Rock Singer Gackt (TV Asahi)

J-Rock singer Gackt appeared as a guest on TV Asahi’s variety talk show “The Important Thing in Life” on Sunday (16 April) and showed viewers his home across the Causeway for the first time.

The visual kei singer commented that he lives in Malaysia about 60 per cent of the year, while he only spends about 20 per cent of it in Japan.

The 43-year-old, who migrated to Malaysia more than five years ago, said, “I have been working endlessly up till my thirties. I didn’t want to go on with life without creating memories, so I went on the journey to visit various countries.”

Among these countries, it was love at first sight with Malaysia.

“It (Kuala Lumpur) is very attractive. The city area is very clean. There are even natural jungles in the vicinity of the city,” he added.

GACKT standing in front of his house in Kuala Lumpur
Gackt standing in front of his house in Kuala Lumpur (TV Asahi)

Gackt’s house in Malaysia is located in a luxurious residential area on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

With a gate like a fortress, the site is a whopping 1,700 sq m. For size reference, a Good Class Bungalow in Singapore needs to have a minimum of 1,400 sq m.

Gackt also revealed that he set up a real estate company named “GACKT & IKEDA ASIA BRIDGE PARTNERz” in Malaysia last year. The office is located in a high-rise building at a prime location in Kuala Lumpur.

GACKT's real estate company office
Gackt’s real estate company office (TV Asahi)

The singer said that another reason he chose to move was his physical health.

Despite his physical appearance now, Gackt said that his health has been poor since he was young.

When he was 19, he began diet remedy and was careful with what he ate. But when he reached his thirties, his back got worse and hurt when the weather was chilly.

As a result, he started considering moving to places with a warmer climate. Gackt even said what he liked the most about his house in Malaysia was that there was no air-conditioner.

Despite it all, some commenters online have been speculating whether the singer migrated to avoid tax, referencing a previous scandal in Japan when Gackt was investigated over his taxes.

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