Ivy Shao confirms reconciliation with Chris Wu

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

13 Nov – Following rumours of reconciliation, Taiwanese actress Ivy Shao recently admitted that she is indeed dating Chris Wu again.

As reported on Liberty Times, the actress confirmed the rumours on 11 November through her manager, saying that she has been seeing the 37 year-old actor for a while now, and that they decided to rekindle the romance since they still care about each other after their previous breakup.

Ivy also stated that despite the previous separation, the two of them had remained best friends.

"I'm very happy now. But I hope not to be photographed holding hands with him or going out together in the future. It's really strange," she said.

It is noted rumours of their reconciliation sparked early this month after they were photographed going to a musical together.

As to whether there are marriage plans, Ivy stated that they are not thinking of such a thing, and will just go with the flow.

"They are mature enough to be in a relationship that is not just for fun. But fate is a tough subject," said her manager.

The two actors met each other on the 2017 series, "The Perfect Match" and dated soon after. However, they broke up shortly after their relationship made the news.

(Photo Source: Liberty Times)