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'Island bliss in a sleep product': This last-minute Mother’s Day gift is 60% off right now — just $8

Over 57,000 Amazon shoppers gave it a 5-star rating, so it's fair to say that it's Mom-worthy.

Everyone needs better sleep, especially the moms in our lives! Think of all of her sleepless nights — whether they were spent awake with a sick kid or worrying about a teenager who missed their curfew. If you're looking for a last-minute Mother's Day gift that she can really use, we've found an irresistible deal on a tried-and-true slumber helper — the super-popular Mavogel Sleep Mask. It'll help Mom get the rest she needs and right now it's on sale for only $8 — a full 60% off.

Five layers of cushy, breathable material and two special cotton triangles on each side make for sound, deep, satisfying sleep that your mom will definitely appreciate.

$8 at Amazon

Amazon sold over 10,000 of this top-rated sleep mask last month alone — making it seem like a must-have find in our book. Right now it's discounted by a crazy 60%. Not only is that a great deal — it's the best price we've seen since Prime Day last year. We suggest adding it to your cart while you can save big. After all, Mom's worth way more than $8, right?

If your mom struggles to clock the golden seven to eight hours of sleep each night, it's okay to help her out a bit. Sleep masks help block out ambient light, like the flashing red numbers on her alarm clock, blinking lights on devices and Dad's iPhone that he just won't put away. They also block out sunlight, making them ideal for the occasional mid-day naps. (Make this the year you let Mom nap ... promise us that.)

Made of five layers of super-breathable fabric, with an adjustable nose wire to help keep it in place all night long, the Mavogel Cotton Sleep Mask is specially designed to block out more light than the competition and reviewers praise it for staying in place — no matter what her sleep position. The five layers of cotton and modal filler, surrounded by a plush exterior make for a mask that reviewers call soft, comfortable and gentle on the skin.

All moms love feeling pampered, and this is such a soothing option to get her the R&R she needs every single night.

woman sleeping wearing a sleep mask
That comfy cotton triangle on the side of this sleep mask makes for a light-proof seal, cushy fit and even sweeter dreams. Mom will be instantly obsessed! (Amazon)

More than 57,000 five-star reviewers say they're better rested thanks to this mask.

Pros 👍

"Being a mom I need all the sleep I can get!" said one reviewer (who attests to this being a gift moms will love). "It bends and contours to your nose. I always get woken up by morning light sleeping through my windows and I actually slept in today with this mask on!"

"I am very weird about things putting pressure on me or restricting my movement while I sleep," said one extremely particular reviewer. "I am very pleased. It does not put pressure on my eyes. ... It is very soft. I like the nose bridge."

"Island bliss in a sleep mask," said another impressed shopper. "This little piece of heaven has transformed my sleep game... It's like they consulted with sleep fairies to create the perfect mask. The light-blocking magic is no joke. It's like a blackout curtain for your face."

And if Mom suffers from dry eyes, this non-irritating mask may be what she needs to snag those zz's. "A dream come true. It doesn't just block out light; it nurtures and pampers your eyes, especially if you struggle with dryness," said one satisfied snoozer. "This mask has earned its place as an essential part of my nightly routine, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a peaceful, rejuvenating sleep experience. Sweet dreams await!"

Cons 👎

"The fabric can warm up after some time on your eyes/face," cautions a final fan. "Mine rarely does it enough to bother me (I sleep with a fan on too), but others might want an eye mask made from a different material. Not a deal breaker for me, but I have removed it a few nights out of the year for getting a little warm."

Other shoppers said that, while they love the mask, they do "wish the band was a little thicker around the head."

Blackout drapes aren't cutting it? Have Mom slip this on and shut the world away. 

$8 at Amazon

Need another layer of defense against sleepless nights? Shoppers swear by these earplugs.

These reusable, moldable earplugs are a simple, affordable way to comfortably block out unwanted sounds from snoring to noisy neighbors. So, if your dad's a snorer, your mom will thank you for these over and over again.

"Perfect if you have a snorer in your life," raved a five-star fan. "I cannot fall asleep with the sound of a measly fan, let alone a snorer. ... My roommate and best friend is the loudest snorer I have ever met, and thanks to these earplugs I can actually sleep peacefully. I no longer get enraged because I simply can't hear the snoring. They mold perfectly to your ears."

$10 at Amazon

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