The Incredible Entrepreneurship Journey of Aditya Raj That Would Leave You Amazed

Imagine having such an entrepreneur spirit in your mind and fire in your heart that you already have a successful business going before even graduating from school? Well, that’s exactly the kind of story we have here. Story of Aditya Raj, a surprisingly young and successful entrepreneur.

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But hold your horses, for what we said is just the tip of the iceberg of his story. Of course, it deserves a more detailed read, and that’s precisely what this post is all about.

There’s a lot to learn from this unique success story and the passion for entrepreneurship, but you will have to stick around as I walk you through it.

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The Bold Beginning

What did you do when you were 14 years old? Maybe played with your friends or, as a lot of them do it these days, stayed glued to your smartphone?

How about starting a technical YouTube channel with the aim of building it into something meaningful financially? Well, not a lot of kids do that, but Aditya Raj was one of them.

His fascination with computer science, which was an extra subject he chose in school, led him to learn HTML and CSS. He later also learned video editing and made videos regarding different software and how to use them.

The Journey Begins

As Aditya’s videos started getting popular, he decided to monetize them with ads. And before he knew it, he was already making close to $200 a month, which is the monthly income of a large number of lower middle-class households in India.

He was just 15 years old back then. But although that was a lot of money to make as a kid, he didn’t stop there. His dreams were bigger and so was his vision.

He invested all his earnings to learn coding and web design skills, a niche he was and is very passionate about. Sooner than he had thought, he landed his first client and earned around $300 for making his first website.

But his real call came when he landed a part-time job with a company based in New York based on his coding and web design skills that paid $1,000 per month. It’s at this point when he realized that he doesn’t want to be a well-paid employee of some company but pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.

Making the REAL Switch

This led Aditya to decide to make his real switch. He decided to drop out of school and start his own web design and financial marketing agency.

While his parents were fine up until this point, they were obviously concerned and not very supportive of this decision. After all, the way society has set all parents up, quitting school and formal education at the age of 16 isn’t something they would readily agree to.

But Aditya was confident and eventually managed to pursue his dreams and passion. The rest is history!

Stallion Cognitive was Born

He started his own web design and financial marketing agency, and it took him less than 2 years to make it successful beyond his dreams. His work was loved by his clients so much that he never really had to actively look for new clients. His existing and old clients kept referring new clients to him.

In fact, Aditya recently also got an offer of $500,000 for Stallion Cognitive, but he refused it as he thinks Stallion Cognitive has just started on the path of real growth and the best is yet to come.

Entrepreneurship Spirit Gets More Intense

Aditya never wanted to settle at a certain point and become complacent. He kept pushing himself for greater success, both personally and professionally.

This thought process and belief allowed him to start several other businesses as well. The biggest of them being Acrux Cloud, a cloud hosting company that makes it really easy for people with no tech expertise to experience the power and reliability of a dedicated virtual private server.

His other businesses include some affiliate marketing websites in the online marketing niche.

An Investor at Heart

A common problem with many entrepreneurs is that while focusing hard on growing their business and company, they fail to invest their money at the right time and end up being always reliant on their business for their financial needs.

But Aditya has always been an investor at heart. He first used to invest money through his mother’s account when he was just 16, and started actively investing through his own accounts after turning 18, which is the legal age in India to be able to invest in stocks, mutual funds and crypto currencies.

However, he also wanted more people around him to experience the power of investing and growing financially. So he started a financial blog called Namaste Finance to educate the Indian audience about the hows, whys and whats of investing in different investment options in India.

A Final Word

It’s always hard to explain an entrepreneur’s journey in words, especially in a single article. And it’s much, much harder when you have to talk about someone like Aditya Raj, who has had an exceptionally unique entrepreneurship journey while he’s still just 18 years old!

But I hope everyone who read this post learned something from Aditya, and maybe some also got inspired by his courage, commitment and of course, success.