Hugo Ng wants a chance for Jacqueline Wong

15 Nov – TVB actor Hugo Ng has nothing but praises for Jacqueline Wong, his co-star for TVB's "Finding Her Voice", after it was mentioned that the actress recently went online to express her gratitude for the chance to work in the series.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who was asked about the actress' recent post, stated that Jacqueline and Owen really worked well and were fully immersed in their character when they shot the drama earlier.

"I hope that everybody would be more tolerant and learn to separate an artiste's work from their personal life," he added.

Asked if he would like to work with Jacqueline again in the future, Hugo responded positively, saying, "Hopefully. It's a good thing."

On 11 November, Jacqueline - who had been MIA since her scandal with singer Andy Hui made headlines in April - suddenly resurfaced online, sharing a photo of her stack of scripts for "Finding Her Voice" and expressing her gratitude that the drama was given the chance to broadcast despite her controversy.

"There are only five episodes left. I sincerely thank everybody who made it possible for "Finding Her Voice" to broadcast, to everybody who is watching and also the cast of the drama for their understanding. I hope everything will go well," she wrote.