Hu Ge says he has reached the ceiling of his career

Heidi Hsia
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6 Apr – After enjoying several successes throughout his career, Chinese heartthrob Hu Ge recently claimed that he is now aware of the "ceiling" of his career.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actor, who sat down for an interview with a magazine recently, stated that he has always been an actor who wants to make a breakthrough and changes in his career - looking for ways to be able to do so.

"I always pay attention to the script and characters, in hopes of continuously sharpening my acting skills," he said.

However, now that he is 40, Hu thinks that he has already seen the top of the ceiling of his acting career, adding, "Maybe I can work hard and make a breakthrough again, and that's it. I have seen the ceiling."

Hu Ge is one of China's most popular actors
Hu Ge is one of China's most popular actors

Nonetheless, the actor stressed that this does not mean he is taking his job easily, stating that it has only made him more meticulous in picking the right projects.

In fact, Hu has not been doing a lot of acting projects in recent years, having only filmed one new drama for 2021 (the Wong Kar Wai TV debut, "Blossoms Shanghai"), and two movies since last year, including the Peter Chan's sports bio "Li Na". The actor did not even care enough to update his Weibo account as much as others would.

Asked if he is not worried about losing fans, the actor responded, "I am very open. If you haven't seen me in the past three months, you can look at other people's Weibo. But I am sure when my new project comes out, people will pay attention again."

(Photo Source: Hu Ge Instagram)