Hu Bingqing to star in "Yan Shi Fan: New Youth"

8 Dec – Chinese actress Hu Bingqing is set to star in the upcoming Chinese drama, "Yan Shi Fan: New Youth".

As reported on Yangtse, the actress, who previously starred in dramas such as "Midnight Dinner" and "The Imperial Doctress", will be playing the role of Princess Aisin Gioro Yuchu, the love interest of the two lead characters to be played by Jackson Yi and Huang Zitao.

The drama, which is based on Han Lu's comic book of the same name, is about the friendship between Ah Yi (Jackson) and Chong Liming (Tao), and their involvement in the revolutionaries in the fight for a new world.

Directed by Liu Yizhi of "True Colour of Beauty", the upcoming 48-episode drama will air on Chinese streaming site Youku in 2019.