Hawker who struck $1M TOTO wins again, opens new char siew outlet

HUAT OR WHAT? Char Siu Lang has opened a new outlet at Woodlands.

Who is the lucky guy? Meet Ivan Leong, the hawker behind this popular char siew store. He is also renowned for winning S$1,000,000 from a S$3.50 TOTO Quick Pick in 2013. Some might think that he would simply rest on his laurels, but no.

Char Siu Lang -Storefront
Char Siu Lang -Storefront

After using the windfall to purchase a HDB with his wife, Stephanie Ng, Ivan left his previous financial advisor job to become a roast meat stall apprentice. Fast forward to 2020, Char Siu Lang’s original (now former) outlet at Bukit Merah has garnered a loyal following for its house-made roasts.

Although the hawker stall sports a logo with a lone wolf, the origin behind the brand’s name is a punny one. “Char Siu Lang” is a wordplay on “cha si lang“. LOL.

Ivan’s streak of good fortune does not end here. In 2022, he opened another outlet in Ang Mo Kio AND won another S$3,000 from a System 7 TOTO. Wahh, not bad. With a mission to expand his char siew empire to the West and North of Singapore, as seen in his newly-opened coffeeshop outlet at Woodlands, it is safe to say that the young hawker is halfway there.

What sets Char Siu Lang apart from other roast meat stalls? You can specify your meat preference — fatty, lean or a mix of fat and lean.

Char Siu Lang - Roast Pork
Char Siu Lang - Roast Pork

Charcoal-roasted for a minimum of 1.5 to 2 hours, the char siew is basted every 5 minutes to yield a shimmering caramelised layer that we all know and love! As for the roast pork, take it from our Office Chef who describes the sio bak to be an “irresistible combination of crackling skin, sinfully-juicy meat, and the perfect amount of delectable fat”.

Check out their highly-raved Char Siu Rice/Noodle (S$5) or Roast Pork Rice/Noodle (S$5) that features succulent meats nestled on your choice of carb. If you want the best of both worlds (I am eyeing this), the Char Siu Roast Pork (S$6) is a char-ming choice.

Want three worlds? Say no more. Take a shot at the Trio Rice/Noodle (S$8), which includes their signature Char Siu, Roast Pork and Roast Chicken. They also have a la carte Meat Platters such as Char Siu (S$6/100g), Roast Pork (S$6/100g) and Roast Chicken (S$16 for half/ S$30 for whole), a perfect pairing for home-cooked dishes.

Char Siu Lang - Trio Platter

Tip: Add-on a Lava Egg (S$1) for a creamy texture that complements the melt-in-your-mouth roasts!

If you were wondering, yes, Ivan did strike the lottery again. Narrowly missing the grand prize by 2 digits, he still walked away with a S$50 winning last month. The reason behind his good luck? According to Hawkers United – Dabao 2020 netizens, it is all because Stephanie “huat him”.

Who knows, maybe you will fa cai after eating Char Siu Lang’s char siew.

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