Haqiem Rusli denies wife is pregnant with first child

27 Nov - Haqiem Rusli has dismissed speculations that he and wife Wan Anis Sofea are expecting their first child.

The singer sparked rumours of pregnancy recently, after he posted an old photo of him and his wife on social media to wish her a happy anniversary, writing, "I like you very much, just as you are. Thank you for being my loyal partner, accepting all my weaknesses. You are a strong woman. May we be together forever."

However, it was his next line that had everybody guessing that there is a bun in the oven, as Haqiem wrote, "We love you, Sofea."

When asked about it recently, Haqiem explained that the "we" in that sentence refers to everybody, including his and her families, and not a baby.

"People misunderstood the context. I like to use 'we' because I want Sofea to feel loved by everyone. But Sofea is not pregnant. Don't believe netizens. Any good news, I would definitely share it," he said.

However, the singer still expressed gratitude to those who prayed for them to have a child, though admitted that he doesn't like being asked face to face about the subject.

The couple tied the knot back in November 2021
The couple tied the knot back in November 2021

(Photo Source: Haqiem Rusli IG)