Hafidz Roshdi is happy for a second chance in acting career

25 Jun – Hafidz Roshdi recently expressed gratitude for the second chance that had been given to him after more than a year of no acting jobs due to his previous cheating scandal.

The actor, who is now newly-married, revealed that he didn't expect to receive an offer from the production company Global Station to be a part of the second season of the Viu drama, "Bawah Payung Awan".

"I did receive offers before this, but it was not my luck as the TV station did not approve my involvement in the project. I don't know why and I didn't plan to ask the producer or the director," he said.

When asked what he had been doing since being shelved by TV stations, Hafidz said that he had been working in deliveries.

"I enjoyed it. It was like the best therapy for me. I was able to meet a lot of people and it helped me with my bipolar disorder," he added.

However, Hafidz said that his love for acting is still a priority and hopes that he will continue to receive more acting gigs after this.

The actor was shunned by the public last year after he was revealed to have cheated on his then wife Shuhada Mat Shukri. The two had since gone their separate ways, with Hafidz marrying Athira Yuhada, whom he was accused of two-timing with by Shuhada.

Hafidz Roshdi is now married to Athira Yuhada
Hafidz Roshdi is now married to Athira Yuhada

(Photo Source: Hafidz Roshdi IG)