Gregory Wong cherishes friends throughout tough period in life

21 Dec – Gregory Wong recently admitted that he now realised who his true friends are since his active involvement in the Hong Kong protests and subsequent arrest for the suspicion of storming the Legislative Council building during the 1 July protest.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who spoke to the media during a special appearance to promote Halina Tam's snack shop on 18 December, was asked about his relationship with As One's Chloe Su, who has been with him through the tough period of his life.

Without directly referring to the singer, he responded, "I believe that after the past six months, I have learned to cherish the people around me more. There have been lots of couples, friends, and family members who became distant towards one another because of the situation. But since my arrest, my friends have been supporting me continuously. It really is rare."

Asked if he has any plans to tie the knot soon, Gregory said that he is in no rush to do so as they need to have consensus on such a subject.

"We did plan to travel together before, but due to my ongoing court case, she may have to travel alone," he said.

Gregory also stated that he and his girlfriend are happy together, and that their common experience has made the relationship more special.

On the other hand, the actor, who recently established his own production company, also stated that he has plans to start his own taxi service to counter the issue of bad experiences revolving the taxi drivers of Hong Kong.

(Photo Source: Gregory Wong Facebook)