Gigi Lai shares tips on maintaining a youthful look


10 Nov – Former actress-turned-businesswoman Gigi Lai wants you to know that her youthfulness is not just the product of cosmetics and beauty technology, but also comes from within.

As reported on Mingpao, the "Young and Dangerous" star, who still looks young at the age of 46, recently shared on Weibo on what she thought about being "the goddess of frozen age", which is what the media has been calling her.

"The question most asked by reporters in recent days is about [my youthfulness]. Everybody wants to remain young, and I am no exception," she said.

Gigi continued, "However, looking young is not the luxury. The luxury is to have a youthful mind. Don't be too concerned about age, but cherish everything that age brought us - experience, wisdom, achievement, and happiness."

The former actress said that as long as one's heart is still full of passion, one will retain one's youthfulness.

(Photo Source: Gigi Lai Instagram)