GEM Tang criticises ex-boyfriend Hua Chenyu?

Heidi Hsia
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16 Apr – GEM Tang has set netizens' tongues wagging for supposedly giving a sidelong insult against rumoured ex-boyfriend Hua Chenyu in her recent interview.

As reported on Tencent, the singer recently sat down for an interview on a mainland talk show, where she opened up about her career and personal life.

When asked her thoughts about marriage, GEM stated that she and her boyfriend Mark Ngai are still doing fine after three years but that they have yet to plan for marriage.

As to whether she would love to have children, she replied, "I think I have to get married first before I can have a baby."

Although it was a simple and rational answer, many speculated that GEM was subtly criticising Hua; who announced earlier this year that he and ex-girlfriend Zhang Bichen have welcomed a child together and that they will raise their daughter together in a non-marital way.

Hua earlier announced that he and ex-girlfriend Zhang Bichen have a baby together
Hua earlier announced that he and ex-girlfriend Zhang Bichen have a baby together

Some stressed that this is not the first time that GEM has supposedly criticised Hua. She has also released a song called "Super Ability" earlier this month, which many speculated to be about Hua, who has the moniker "superpower icon". The music video also features aliens, which netizens said could also be another hint that it was about Hua since he has had released an album called "Alien" and held a concert tour called "Mars" in his career.

In the same interview, GEM admitted that she would write songs to relieve pressure, and that she has had songs written about her family and her love life.

(Photo Source: GEM Tang Instagram, China Times)