Former Channel 8 actress Wang Xiu Yun dies

Former Channel 8 actress Wang Xiu Yun. (Photo: Xiang Yun/Instagram)

Former Channel 8 actress Wang Xiu Yun has died, her ex-colleague Xiang Yun said in an Instagram post.

According to a report by 8 Days magazine, Xiang Yun said Wang, who was 72 years old, had diabetes and kidney failure. She had rejected dialysis treatment.

Wang was seen on television from the 1970s to the 1990s. She began her acting career when Mediacorp was known as Radio and Television Singapore. She is best remembered for her role as a selfless mother in the 1989 Channel 8 drama “A Mother’s Love”, which also starred Zoe Tay and Li Nanxing.

Xiang Yun, writing on National Day, said of Wang, “She would often be surrounded by younger actors, chatting with them; she cared about everyone, and everyone loved to joke with her.”

Xiang Yun also shared about how she comforted Wang when she had to leave the TV station. “She held my hand and cried… I was very sad, and could only hug her gently.”

“When I found out she was working at a department store as a salesperson, I went to buy things from her with some colleagues to support her,” the actress added.

Wang left showbiz in 1998 and taught children’s acting classes in her free time while still acting part-time, said 8 Days.

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