Ferrari RTW Spring 2024

Rocco Iannone cleverly set the stage for his fifth Ferrari collection with models walking on a circular white podium at Teatro Vetra, the rounded walls partly covered by a silver and metallic slate, a string orchestra playing Antonio Vivaldi juxtaposed to crescendo techno music. The references to the automotive world and the contrast between craft and technology were not lost on viewers.

Season after season, Iannone has been fine-tuning and evolving Ferrari’s fashion aesthetic, and with this collection in particular, his point of view and tone gelled perfectly with the brand.

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His focus was clear, working with eight product themes and seven colors, but “sharp and clear does not mean minimal, which is not in my chords,” he said with a smile. “I stayed up at nights to remove, remove and remove to achieve the purity of shapes.”

And that he did, as the collection was controlled and edited, but meticulous detailing made it intriguing and fetching.

The first looks were all pure white, from a minidress with sleeves that were reminiscent of padded, protective racing gear, to a bomber jacket and Bermuda pants for him.

The color palette moved from neutrals, including a soft powder pink, to terracotta and blue, culminating in Ferrari red — a sculptural leather dress worn by Mariacarla Boscono closing the show.

There were also several denim looks, from an oversize trench to an overall. “There is always a mix of tailoring, workwear and racing, never only one element,” Iannone said.

Featherlight dresses in what looked like gauze were actually made from Q-Cycle satin certified material derived from the processing of waste tires. There were also more formfitting ribbed knitted dresses. An added touch of pizzazz came via sequined dresses.

Iannone said the collection was a hymn to “the power of desire, which moves borders, animates us and illuminates our imagination” — and will likely push the Ferrari community to swipe their credit cards.

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Launch Gallery: Ferrari RTW Spring 2024

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