Felicia Chin went to study in 2010 because she couldn't find meaning in her work

The local actress also shared her suggestions for those who needed a break from work but had financial obligations to consider.

Felicia Chin said pursued a business degree and became a part-time actress because she couldn’t find meaning in her work. (Photo: Instagram/iamfeliciachin)
Felicia Chin said pursued a business degree and became a part-time actress because she couldn’t find meaning in her work. (Photo: Instagram/iamfeliciachin)

Want to quit your job but feel like you can’t just up and leave because of your financial obligations?

While there isn’t a silver bullet for this common dilemma, local actress Felicia Chin has some advice for those who are in such situations and are considering prioritising their mental wellbeing.

She addressed the question on the latest episode of her weekly video series on Instagram, released on Sunday (6 Aug), and admitted that she once felt she “couldn’t find meaning in my work”.

“Actually, I was trying to find meaning in what I do. Then I returned at the right time,” Chin, 35 said.

In case you missed it, Chin transitioned into part-time acting in 2010 so she could pursue her business degree. However, after three years, she decided to return without completing her course.

Speaking to CNA Lifestyle last year, Chin explained that she was lost and “felt like a fraud as an actress”.

“I felt there was nothing more I could contribute. I felt really empty inside. That's why I kind of ran away to study,” she told CNA.

The time away gave her a new perspective, allowing Chin to find “a bit of myself” and she concluded that “sometimes, running away might not be a bad option”.

Take time to rest

That same sentiment was echoed in her Instagram video where she reminded her viewers to “remember to take time to rest”.

She also encouraged them to explore different interests and take time to try out a new hobby, something the actress herself did by stepping out of her comfort zone and picking up cooking.

“I personally believe that if we have a healthy body and spirit, it’ll be easier for us to make certain decisions,” she shared.

Exercising is important too, she said, even if it’s just nightly walks.

Chin said it clears the mind and we might be able to “look at things from a different perspective”.

Talk to your boss or colleagues

This might be a little trickier but if you have a good relationship with the people at work, Chin suggested sharing your problems with your boss and colleagues.

Alternatively, try looking at ways to lessen your financial burdens.

“You could try doing some research or asking people around you - they might know some information that you don’t,” she said.

She added, “We might not be used to sharing our problems with our family, friends or trusted colleagues but why not try it? It’s always the first step.

“We must take good care of ourselves, and know not to bury everything inside or shoulder everything, and learn to share your difficulties with others.”

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