Fattah Amin launches collection of spiritual songs

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27 Mar – Fattah Amin has recently released a collection of spiritual songs, which is now a part of the Mukmin Pro app under the Halwa feature.

The actor, who spoke to the media about the new project, stated that he has been eager to share the songs he recorded with the fans, as well as with the wider Muslim community.

"It is an honour to sing this dhikr exclusively on the Mukmin Pro app, and I hope it brings solace and peace to those who listen to it during this blessed month of Ramadan," he said.

The collection, produced under Universal Music's subcompany, Masyhur, has five dhikr songs, which are "Iktiraf", "Taubat Nasuha", "La Hawla wala Quwwata illa billah", "Rabbi Yassir", and "Zikir Fatimah".

It is noted that the Mukmin Pro app was launched by Fattah's wife Nur Fazura back in April 2022.

"Actually, Faz and I have a lot of plans for the app aside from the current features available. One of them is the Daily Zikir. That is when we thought, why not we do this ourselves? Since I am an artiste under Universal Music... why not make my own, and maybe after this we can call other artistes to collaborate," he added.

Aside from Mukmin Pro, the dhikr songs are also available on other music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

The father of Fatimah says one of the songs is named 'Zikir Fatimah'
The father of Fatimah says one of the songs is named 'Zikir Fatimah'

(Photo Source: Fattah Amin IG)