Fans excited for Ariel Lin's upcoming costume drama

13 Jun – Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin is getting fans more excited about her upcoming costume drama, "Legend of Hua Buqi".

As reported on Tencent, the actress who has been filming the new drama since March this year, recently shared several photos of herself enjoying her time in mainland China, writing, "Bye bye, Hengdian! Yinchuan, we're here!"

She also shared a photo of her scripts, with numbers affixed in order and placed neatly for her reference.

Based on a novel of a similar title, "Legend of Hua Buqi" is a story about a pair of marriage swindlers who fall off a cliff and travel to the past, where the woman becomes a beggar and her man becomes the heir to a powerful family.

The upcoming drama co-stars actor Vin Zhang of "The Flame's Daughter" fame, and is scheduled for broadcast in 2019.

This is the first costume drama for Ariel in five years. Her last period drama was the 2013 "Prince of Lan Ling".

(Photo Source: Ariel Lin Weibo)