Fan Chengcheng snaps rare pics with sister

12 Feb – It has been a while since the public last saw Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, now that her reputation has been severely damaged by her tax evasion scandal.

However, as reported on Mingpao, fans who missed the actress would be happy to know that she is doing fine, as seen in a series of photos shared by her younger brother, Fan Chengcheng.

The Chinese idol singer recently shared several photos of him celebrating the Lunar New Year holiday with his family. Aside from taking photos with mum and dad, the singer also shared a couple of rare photos of him with his older sister acting goofy with each other.

He posted, "Letting go of myself at home over the Lunar New Year. Let me introduce you to my mum, my dad, and my younger sister."

The photos were the latest seen of Fan, who recently resurfaced online to wish her fans a Happy Lunar New Year. The actress has yet to address rumours upon rumours of her supposed upcoming comeback.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)