Fan Bingbing is used to being mistaken for Li Bingbing

14 May – After getting mistaken for a different similarly-named actress multiple times by foreigners, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing recently stated that she is now already used to it.

As reported on ZY News, the actress, who was recently approached by a fan in Cannes who asked her to leave a signature on Li Bingbing's poster, said that she doesn't let such mistake bother her.

"I wouldn't intentionally avoid it when it happens. Our names are really similar, so it's normal for people to get us two confused," she said.

Fan also stated that she is a long-time friend of Li, who also made a name in Hollywood, and that she was told the latter also faced similar incidents.

"We are not awkward about such things," she added.

On the other hand, Li was also asked about such incidents, saying that she is already used to it.

"We have both experienced this throughout our career," said the actress.

For confused foreign fans – Fan Bingbing is the one in "X-Men: Days of Future Past", and Li Bingbing is most famous in Hollywood as "Resident Evil's" Ada Wong.