Eric Tsang: We want to boost firefighters' morale

29 Jun - Leading the "Salute to Our Firefighters" campaign recently, actor-producer Eric Tsang claimed that it started when friends came up to him and asked him what can be done to encourage the morale of the firefighters.

As reported on Mingpao news, the producer, who held the press conference to announce the campaign recently, stated that residents of Hong Kong were shocked upon reading news about the two firefighters who died while battling the fire in Ngau Tau Kok.

Eric stated, "Many people came up to me and asked me what can be done. In the past, we would pass out water bottles or deliver food to these people. But I thought that this might hinder their work instead."

"Since we didn't want to cause more trouble by coming to them, we feel there is a need for a platform for the public to voice their support. So, I contacted all the media and organisations to meet and engage in some activities," he said.

Eric said that social media was the best way to go, since it is the fastest medium to release information to the whole of Hong Kong.

When asked if they will begin a fundraiser to help the family of the firemen who died on duty, Eric Tsang said, "I can't comment on that for now. Right now, we just want to boost the morale of these firefighters."

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