Eric Nam hasn't got Taylor Swift concert tickets yet, hopes to collaborate one day

The American-Korean singer, who was in Singapore for the Time100 Impact Awards, also talked about going to local dim sum place Swee Choon.

American-Korean singer Eric Nam said Taylor Swift’s concert tickets are 'impossible to get'. (Photos: Getty Images)
American-Korean singer Eric Nam said Taylor Swift’s concert tickets are 'impossible to get'. (Photos: Getty Images)

Taylor Swift’s ongoing concert tour is the pop culture event of the year.

To say that her tickets were selling like hotcakes in Singapore is an understatement as the ticketing system crashed, applications for credit cards with pre-sales soared, and tempers flared at a community centre when a woman shouted at two girls in the queue.

In fact, her concert tickets are so hard to get that even American-Korean singer Eric Nam hasn’t got one, he told Yahoo Southeast Asia at the Time100 Impact Awards on Sunday (17 Sept).

He explained, “I have not got a ticket because A, they’re impossible to get; B, I’ve been on tour. I started tour this week and I have 80 shows. The schedules just aren’t lining up.”

That said, Nam wasn't giving up hope just yet. “I would love to go to a Taylor Swift show. I have not been yet. Hopefully, the Swiftie Lords hear my prayers and one day I will get to see the incredible Miss Swift.”

The singer also hopes that one day he’ll get to collaborate with Swift or even open for her concert as it will be “a dream come true”.

The Time100 Impact Awards recognises global leaders who have gone above and beyond to move their industries forward.

Nam was honoured alongside Bollywood actor-singer Ayushmann Khurrana and Oscar-winning actor Ke Huy Quan.

Where does Eric Nam go to eat in Singapore?

As the singer has been to Singapore many times, whether for his concert tour or for other events, we wondered what his favourite food spot is.

He replied, “Well, I know this is a cop out, and I know everybody’s like ‘Uh, it’s not the best’ [but] it’s easy - Jumbo. Jumbo Seafood. We did not go this time, we went to another one. Because all my friends are like, ‘You have to try the other ones because they all have different versions.’

“But I feel like for people who are coming to Singapore for the first time, Jumbo is kind of the default. There’s also a place that I’ve gone a couple times called Swee Choon - it’s like dim sum. Yeah, late nights; I’ve had Swee Choon sometimes.”

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