Ella Chen says husband not ready for second child

13 Jun – Taiwanese singer Ella Chen recently revealed that she will wait for her husband Alvin to give her the "okay" before she can make plans for baby number two.

As reported on Mingpao, the S.H.E. member shared that her husband is not ready to add another member to their small family since the birth of son Daniel.

"Earlier, we went to the French Alps to observe the process of producing mineral water, and my husband really enjoyed spending time with our son. They played together and slept together. I was happy when he seemed to be open to the idea of a second child. But then, as soon as we came home to Taiwan, he was back to square one and said that one is enough," she said, lightheartedly.

However, Ella stressed that she will respect her husband's desire and will not force him to have another baby with her.

"I will wait for him to be ready to have a second child," she added.

(Photo Source: Ella Chen Instagram)