Elena Kong's marriage record exposed by the media

10 Oct – Although both parties denied that they had actually tied the knot, a marriage certificate recently unearthed by the Hong Kong media seemed to confirm that Elena Kong and Ng Kwan Cheung had actually been married.

As reported on Sina, following the couple's confirmation that they had ended their 11-year relationship two years ago, Ng's father, actor Kenneth Ng told the media that the breakup should be a "divorce" instead, as the two had previously married each other in Seattle back in 2006.

Both Elena and Ng have dismissed it, with the actress saying Kenneth has made a mistake.

Subsequently, the media began searching the website of a government agency in Seattle, and found a marriage application document between Ng and Elena that was recorded on 20 March 2006 at 11.50 am.

When asked about it, Elena responded that it happened more than ten years ago and that she couldn't remember it at all.

"I think it might have been a mistake done while being drunk," she said, beating around the bush.

When asked if she will be seeking for divorce now, Elena responded, "Any lawyer you can introduce to me?"

(Photo Source: Elena Kong Weibo)