Edu Manzano and Cherry Pie Picache dated in the past!

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29 Dec – Celebrity couple Edu Manzano and Cherry Pie Picache recently surprised many by revealing that they had actually dated in the past.

The two actors made this revelation during an interview on Luis Manzano's YouTube vlog, with Edu saying that he and Cherry Pie decided to keep mum about their past romance.

"We were dating almost a year about two decades ago," said Cherry Pie, before jokingly added, "He couldn't forget me."

Edu stated that the two remained friends despite the breakup and had never drifted apart even after 20 years.

"We'd always see each other in various occasions and gatherings. We would always be talking sincerely. We knew we still like each other," he added.

Cherry admitted that there is a special kind of tension whenever they meet, but that she would always dismiss it because the actor is known for his charm.

As to why they never reconciled throughout the 20 years, Edu said that the two kept missing each other as one would be in a relationship while the other was single.

Together again after 20 years apart
Together again after 20 years apart

(Photo Source: Cherry Pie Picache Instagram, Philippine News)

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