Eddie Cheung worries for kids in the UK

20 Mar – Hong Kong actor Eddie Cheung recently admitted that he is worried for his two children, who are currently studying in the United Kingdom.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who spoke about his children, said that he and his wife originally arranged for the two of them to stay in the country with a guardian so they would not have to be quarantined when they go home.

However, now that the pandemic has become much more severe, Eddie decided that they should return to Hong Kong instead.

"They have booked flight tickets home via Frankfurt on the 19th. I also plan to return to Hong Kong to self-quarantine. I heard that the current economy fare is [quite expensive]. But as long as they could come home as soon as possible, it's fine," he said.

Eddie said that his wife Gigi Kwok has been worried sick about their kids.

"It's not a problem if the children quarantine themselves at home. As long as you have internet access, it will be okay. Our family of four can also spend more time together," he said.

(Photo Source: Eddie Cheung Instagram)