Eddie Cheung sees changes in TVB as a natural occurrence

22 Jan – Although the recent departure of many TVB artistes and staff has become a big issue in the Hong Kong showbiz, Eddie Cheung sees it as nothing more than a natural occurrence in the TV industry.

The actor, who sat down for an interview recently revealed that he is not surprised at all by the changes happening inside the station - be it the mass firing of staff, the sudden departure of artistes, the changes in management, or the reduction in production.

"It's like a rule. I have seen it for so long. People come and go. Some may stay for decades, and some - like me - leave and return three to four times," he said.

However, at the same time, Eddie acknowledged the fact that Hong Kong is in chaos for the past year and that it affected him deeply.

"You should always look ahead. After a while, people have to make plans for themselves. I will now enjoy and appreciate the good things in life," he added.

After filming outside of Hong Kong for nearly half a year last year and dabbling in commercial performances, Eddie stated that he now uses his free time to play golf, bask in the sun and experience nature.

(Photo Source: 11 Job)