DOLLA's Syasya denies consuming alcohol at an event



20 Sep – DOLLA's member Syasya has slammed allegations that she had drunk alcohol at an event, saying that the rumours are defamatory.

The 22-year-old singer, who was asked about it by MStar recently, stated that those who made the allegations should show evidence of it, as such a rumour can ruin DOLLA's reputation.

"There is no part of the video where I drank or even touched alcohol. It was taken a long time ago, when I attended an event overseas. Yes, they served alcohol but I didn't touch it at all," she said.

Syasya also stressed that she is always wary of how she behaves in public so not to affect her and DOLLA's reputation.

The singer, who is also the granddaughter of actress Rozie Othman, stated that those who knew her would know that she would not do anything that will tarnish her good name, her family, and the members of her group.

"Not everything on the internet can be trusted. What has been said about me was not true at all," she added.


 Syasya: I will not tarnish DOLLA's reputation
Syasya: I will not tarnish DOLLA's reputation


(Photo Source: Syasya Rizal IG, DOLLA IG)