Dixon Wong denies third party involvement in breakup

26 Nov – TV personality Dixon Wong recently dismissed rumours that his fellow ViuTV colleague Helen Tam was the third party that caused his breakup with Super Girls' Cheronna Ng.

As reported on Mingpao, Dixon, whose two-year relationship with Cheronna ended in October, sparked rumours of romance with Helen after the two were spotted having a meal together not long after he announced the breakup.

Speaking about the rumours recently, the son of TVB actor Ha Yu stated that there was no third party involved in the breakup, and that he often goes out eating with his ViuTV colleagues.

"I have never went for a meal alone with Helen. This is just a rumour," he said.

Dixon also clarified that he and Cheronna have actually ended their relationship for a while now, but decided to wait for the right time to announce it.

"Of course, it's a pity that it ended, but it us better for us to do so since we're no longer suited for each other. It was the best decision for the both of us," he said.

As to whether he is still in contact with the singer, Dixon responded that he still considers Cheronna a friend.

(Photo Source: Dixon Wong Instagram)