So, who dies in Sex Education season 4?

sex education season 4 who dies
Who dies in Sex Education season 4? Netflix

Contains major spoilers

Sex Education returned for its fourth and final season on Netflix last week (21st September), and we were not prepared for the amount of tears we'd be sobbing this season. From the progression of Adam and Michael's relationship, to the breakdown of Otis and Eric's friendship, this season has had us reaching for the tissues like never before.

And easily the storyline that had us crying the most was the death of a major character in episode four and their subsequent memorial in episode six. But who was the character who died in the final season of Sex Education? Here's what you need to know.

Who died in Sex Education season 4?

Sadly, the character who dies in the fourth episode of Sex Education season four is Maeve's mum Erin Wiley (Anne-Marie Duff).

The third episode of the season sees Maeve (Emma Mackey) receiving a phone call from her brother while studying in America. As you may remember from earlier seasons Maeve's brother Sean (Edward Bluemel) is hardly the most attentive of brothers and so if he's calling you know it's probably going to be bad news. At the end of episode three Maeve is seen telling Otis her mum has had an overdose and she's coming home.

The following episode sees Maeve return to the UK and travel with Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood) and Otis (Asa Butterfield) to the hospital where they meet Sean.

sex education season 4 who dies

Maeve and Sean are sadly told their mother has passed away, with the doctor explaining shortly after Erin was admitted to the ICU she lost consciousness and fell into a coma.

What was Maeve's relationship with her mum like before she died?

Maeve and Erin hardly had the easiest of relationships, with Erin often being absent throughout Maeve's life.

After Erin confirms she's sober in season two, Maeve moves in with her mum and younger sister Elsie. However, after discovering drugs at home Maeve grows concerned for Elsie and contacts a social worker, causing Erin to lose custody.

sex education season 4 who dies

By the end of the third season Maeve has moved in with Elsie's foster mum Anna but does have one final moving interaction with Erin in the bushes by the school. Erin encourages Maeve to travel to America and take part in the study programme, she gives her some money and tells her to go for it. Erin apologies for constantly letting Maeve down and the pair have a tearful goodbye.

Given this is the last time we see Erin and Maeve together and they appear to have repaired their relationship, it makes complete sense that Maeve is so intent on giving her mum a good funeral. And she certainly does with a moving speech and Mr Hendricks' rendition of 'With or Without You' .

If you weren't crying during that scene then we have some serious questions for you.

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