Dee Hsu's daughter poses for Vogue Taiwan

8 Jul – Dee Hsu's eldest daughter attracted attention recently after making it as a model for a fashion magazine.

As reported on Epoch Times, 13-year-old Elly Hsu recently shared a series of photos from her shoot with Vogue Taiwan, writing, "First time by myself."

She also thanked her TV personality mother for giving her the opportunity to do the said shoot.

In past interviews, Dee stated that she is not keen on letting her daughters follow her footsteps and become actors themselves. She had since changed her mind, though stressed that she would not help them if they are to join showbiz.

"I told my daughters, I will not help you. But if a director offers you a role, I will not deliberately stop you," she said.

Elly follows the likes of other celebrity offspring who has made it as a model, including Faye Wong's little girl Li Yan, and Simon Yam's teenage daughter, Ella.

(Photo Source: Elly Hsu Instagram)