Dato' Awie opens up about past cancer diagnosis





29 Feb - Rock legend Dato' Awie recently opened up for the first time about his experience dealing with kidney cancer.

The Wings frontman, who had never spoken about his health condition, revealed via Kool 101 radio programme, "Pagi On Point" that he was diagnosed with kidney cancer four years ago.

"The doctor found a tumour and said that it was cancerous... At the time, I felt blood rushing through my veins, thinking that my time has finally come," he said.

The 56-year-old singer, real name Ahmad Azhar Othman, said that he was advised to remove the said kidney, but decided to get a second opinion by consulting a specialist.

"The specialist did a scan and it showed that the tumour was 95 percent cancerous. I finally agreed to remove the tumour after my wife pleaded, but that came four months after getting treatment," he said.



Awie said his wife pleaded that he remove the tumour
Awie said his wife pleaded that he remove the tumour



To make matters worse, he and his family contracted COVID-19 following the operation, and they had to undergo quarantine for nine days.

"I experienced shortness of breath and the doctor found white patches in my throat that can be cancerous," he said.

However, Awie assured that he is now fine after undergoing various modern and alternative treatments

(Photo Source: Awie IG, RotiKaya)