Daniel Sit opens up about past marriage with Fala Chen

Heidi Hsia

2 Jan – Businessman-turned-actor Daniel Sit finally came clean about the nature of his previous relationship with Fala Chen, saying that they were indeed married for six years before it ended in 2013.

As reported on Mingpao, Daniel spoke about his failed marriage with Fala on the ViuTV show "Divorce Tour", saying that they chose to keep the marriage a secret for the sake of her career.

"The marriage was in conflict with the career. Not mine, but hers. So we kept it hidden. She has her own life now. It's over," he said.

Asked who actually asked to end the marriage, he simply responded, "Not me."

Daniel also admitted that he never thought the marriage would fail and kept hoping that everything would work out in the end.

"To me [at the time], I would always reserve a place for her in my world and in my heart, that maybe one day she would turn around," he added.

Although they were not meant to be, Daniel stated that he is grateful to have met Fala.

The actress is now married to French entrepreneur Emmanuel Straschnov.

(Photo source: Singtao)